About Us


London’s famously rainy weather isn’t kind to shoes or feet; after one too many pairs of ruined red-soled stilettos, GOTHENBURG has decided to declare a (very elegant) war on British weather. The result? Gothenburg boots – the perfect complement to a work hard, play hard city lifestyle that demands iconic and well-designed footwear for every occasion.


Each pair of Gothenburg boots is as practical as it is stylish, combining crafted luxury leathers with industrial-strength rubber base. Instantly personalise your boots with interchangeable shoe accessories to create wear anywhere footwear – because practicality should never compromise your style.

About the designers

Gothenburg London derives its inspiration from the legacy of a thirty-year family history of shoe and leatherwork and an instinctive appreciation of the qualities of traditional craftsmanship.  Impeccable design details are informed by global influences and the founders’ shared passion for art and architecture.